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colour analysis (1-2 hours - $295)

This is a fun and transformative experience. The most underestimated service. We are the best, most accurate and thorough in Melbourne. You look your best when you wear colours that suit your natural skin tone and hair colour. We do a full make up analysis on you to choose the right foundation and shades for your eyes, cheeks and lips, making you to look your absolute best, like you have never had done before. We often correct mistakes which detract from your look. We then work on the colours for your clothing. Knowing the right colours saves hours when you shop.

wardrobe review (2-3 hours @$150 per hour)

Before we go shopping, we do an audit of your wardrobe. It helps me get a sense of your style preference. I tell you which clothes suit you and why. We discuss clothing cuts to suit your body shape. The right neck or hemline or sleeve length entirely changes the look of an outfit.

personal shopping (3-4 hours @$150 per hour)

This is the most popular service. You tell me what clothes you need and the type of look you want, and I will pre-shop and put clothes on hold for you. You simply follow me to the shops to try on the clothes and buy the ones you like.