These testimonials are longer than a regular testimonial. Clients get so much out of the experience and each one wanted to share their story.

The cosmetic makeover was a revelation, as was the colour session.
I was lucky enough to have my sister surprise me with a styling session for my 40th birthday, something I had always wanted to do but as a busy Mum, working part time and also studying, I failed to prioritise the time.

I found Amalia to be extremely informative and educated in her approach to our session. The cosmetic makeover was a revelation, as was the colour session. For years I had stuck to a “tried and tested” wardrobe and my make‐up skills were, shall we say, minimal. I now feel armed with information and knowledge that will assist me in making good, long term wardrobe decisions, based on my particular colour palette and also now appreciating how to accessorise correctly. Even the colour of my hair was scrutinised for appropriate length/colour.

Amalia spent almost a whole afternoon with me at the shops – I lost count of how many garments we tried, culminating in purchases. We visited a range of outlets, including Jackie E, Myer, Jag, Dianna Ferrari to name a few. Throughout, Amalia provided direct feedback on what suited and what did not – and more importantly the reasons why.

Overall, I can’t thank Amalia enough – I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs either a complete overhaul or some fine‐tuning. Amalia changed how I approach grooming and presenting myself, and for that I will be eternally grateful.
— Donnette
I have had so many compliments from my family, friends and even people I hardly know on how great I am looking.
As a mother of 2 young children, I felt that it was time to do something for me. I wanted to look and feel better about the way I looked. That was when I found Amalia.

Amalia was so sincere and passionate about what she does. In the short amount of time I spent with Amalia, I left my consultation with the tools and confidence I needed to shop for the clothes and make-up to suit my personal skin tones. Not only that, but an understanding of the style of clothes that best suit my shape.

My wardrobe had previously consisted of mainly black. Now I always go shopping with my colour samples that Amalia provided me with and now have a wardrobe full of wonderful colours. I have had so many compliments from my family, friends and even people I hardly know on how great I am looking. My husband now compliments me all the time on my new style. His reaction when I wore skinny jeans for the first time was amazing and he still notices every time I wear them. I had tried skinny jeans in the past, but never bought them because I didn’t know if I was too old for them or whether they looked right for me. Having spent time with Amalia, I now have the confidence to shop for all the styles and colours she has introduced to me.

I highly recommend Amalia to anyone who wants to know how to shop for the best styles and colours to make them look and feel younger. I know my friends can’t wait for their consultation.
— Heather
Amalia has amazing fashion sense and knowledge along with great natural intuition about what looks good and what doesn’t. My afternoon with Amalia was inspirational! Amalia has amazing fashion sense and knowledge along with great natural intuition about what looks good and what doesn’t. I learnt so much about what make up to wear and what clothes suit my body shape and my colouring. I would recommend a consultation to anyone who wants to get out of their current “fashion slump” and develop their own sense style and confidence.
— Naomi
Dear Amalia I just want to express my sincere appreciation for the time you spent considering my wardrobe of clothes and helping me to discover what styles and colours suit me best. During the past years I have wasted my money on clothes which I have not worn much. I only wish I had your advice before now. You have helped to complement the good things about my shape and to emphasize them, rather than hide them under shapeless forms. I have altered some of the tops to suit my figure and they look much better. And I am looking forward to shopping with you so that we can find more suitable wear. Now that shop assistants are so rare it is important to have another opinion, and especially someone who knows how to do this so well.
— Naomi
Dear Amalia, thanks so much for the shopping trip the other evening. It was great to see, and try on the types of clothes I should be wearing – most of them I would have walked right past. I realise now that I have always shopped for the same boring types of clothes and I’ve found it difficult to start looking at different styles.

The fashion world can seem so daunting and confusing. With 3 young children I rarely get time to browse and try things on, so now that I know what I’m aiming for, it’s so much easier and quicker and better! I can make the most of a short shopping trip. I can go shopping and know that I should be looking for skinny jeans, waistcoats, furry or chunky knitted ones especially, shorter tops, big necklaces and thick scarves. Now I love shopping and know exactly what I want and I can walk past those tops which don’t suit my body shape or are the wrong colour. I find that I’m a more focused, economical shopper. I think I buy less but I’m focussing on style rather than heaps of cheap things that aren’t really that good. I’ve realised that it’s the stylish items that make you feel good about yourself, but it’s very difficult to buy them when your confidence is low.

Thanks for your time and your honesty. It was great to know that you were truly on my side and wanted to show me clothes that are good for me, rather than on the shops side just trying to make a sale. I went back after that shopping night and bought the wooden flower necklace, and I looked again at that green dress in Myer too. I don’t have any green in my wardrobe – I will soon.

Thanks so much for the lift you’ve given Mum and I. Amalia, you have inspired and energised us to find the best clothes we can, for us. I’m still so pleasantly surprised when I see Mum sometimes – she looks so much healthier and happier in the right colour make-up. Thanks for that.

Also, when I was telling the lady at ‘diva’ (Kim, manager at Eastland) about you doing colours and shopping etc. for me she asked for your business cards to display at her shop. I said you didn’t have any and she said the best place to get them was cards/marketing. I’m not sure about any of this but thought I’d pass it on to you anyway.
— Donna
The conversations we had had about colour and shape really influenced the direction myself and the designer took with the creation of my wedding dress. Knowing the most flattering neckline, hem length and how to show off my best features were great starting points for sketching designs and talking to the designer. Our practical discussions on finding the right foundation and blush to match my complexion gave me extra confidence on the day. Going shoe and handbag shopping with you was fantastic as you encouraged me to go with accessories which would really make the whole outfit tie together. On your wedding day you want to look fabulous but have those little practical extras that back that fabulousness up.

I enjoyed the process of going through my wardrobe as a means of starting to re-define the way I presented myself. You really took on board why I wanted to change and helped me define where I wanted to go and how I could achieve it. This process solidified for me what worked on my body and what didn’t and why, making it easier to assemble an outfit and shop for new items. We got rid of a lot of stuff out of my cupboard and when I recently put on a pair of trousers that I had kept as a back up I realised, with a bit of distance, why we had gotten rid of them. I had been wearing the clothes that we had bought on our shopping trip, which I felt great in and the improvement became very clear.
— Kelly
Hi Amalia,

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, for your fantastic work in helping me know and understand my colours, what makes me look my best and there for feel my best and for making it such a positive experience.

I am so glad that I found out about the colour seasons earlier rather than later. After having worn the colours that don’t help to make me look my best and changing that, I have had noticed a difference in how I feel about myself, and so many people notice the difference too, they comment that I look healthier and brighter and beautiful.

I feel so much more confident in myself and it’s a wonderful feeling. I can confidently choose what to buy when I’m out shopping and just in picking out an outfit for the day has become easier, because I know that if I follow my colour swatches that I keep with me all the time now that it will all work and go together and that is so reassuring! I know I can’t go wrong. Even the changes in the colours of makeup I wear now, I can see the difference, the light in me shinning out. I look better and feel better.

It was so great to have you there to show and teach me through the colour consult and as I was trying to change the way I thought about colours. Having you there to help through the wardrobe consult was great it made things so much easier and simpler, it had always been something I told myself I would get around to but kept putting it off because it seemed so overwhelming and I didn’t know what to keep and what not to and just where to start and being able to have it not only be about the colours but the cut and style of the clothes I had and what worked for my shape and what didn’t, it was a bit scary but you made me feel comfortable and confident that I was capable of being able to make the big change and that I would be able to pick clothes from now on that make me look and feel good.

The wardrobe shopping makeover day was so great not just because it’s fun to shop but I felt confident that I wouldn’t be buying things that would stay in the cupboard unworn because I never felt that great in, it was great to have you there to pick out things that I would have over looked before because of the colour or because it wasn’t what I was used to looking for and I tried them on and I really liked them they made me feel and look really fantastic, there was lots of things that I would have picked out that you did so it was great feeling that you knew what look I was after, even having the swatches with me and being able to learn how to tell if the item that caught my eye is right or not and I was even just going by colours along the racks and then looking the she shapes and cuts that suited me I felt really great in knowing that I would and could do it, I just needed to be shown what a difference the right colours and shapes makes!

The other thing that made me feel great was that I had told you my budget and after going through my current wardrobe it was easy to see what it was that I actually need not just the fancy tops and dresses that catch your eye, we had a plan and we stuck to it, we found so much great stuff for me at the 4 shops we went to I was amazed and they were shops that are trendy and fashionable and had plenty of great stuff on sale, Glassons, Sportsgirl, Portmans and Bardot. It was great to be able to do it in one go and the strategy of putting the things I liked on hold at each and keeping track worked great so that at the end we could sit down and I could think through what I actually needed to make my wardrobe practical and fabulous at the same time and we worked really well within the budget that I had saved for of $700, buying lots of the essentials for cheap and only paying full price on a few item that I felt were worth it for the quality, I ended up with a good wardrobe that would even still work with my old clothes that we had sorted through. I came away feeling that I would be feeling great every day in what I was wearing. It’s been amazing! I feel confident, beautiful and fabulous in myself, from the inside out. It has been wonderful to change into my colours.

So truly thank you for all your advice, help and for making me feel so great!
— Jess
I had the pleasure of discovering my “beautiful face” when Amalia shared her wealth of knowledge and passion for revealing people’s natural colour palettes.

Since discovering that I am in fact a “winter” palette, when for most of my adult life (I’m 33) I had traditionally leant towards summer colours, I have experienced a kind of revelation – I can now celebrate my natural features by recognizing how a simple colour adjustment changes everything!

I have always loved my eyes and my hair. Since my Beautiful Face consultation, I have retreated to more natural tones in my hair (so while remaining on-trend, I’m no longer getting lost underneath the “trendy” locks of fluorescent purple & pink highlights amongst blondes, coppers and blacks). My eyes not only shine brighter from a simple hair colour change – coupled with the simple move to more complementary colours in my clothing, I’ve experienced a real awakening to what suits me best. I used to get comments on how nice my clothes were. Now, I get comments on how great I look in the clothes I wear! I believe this happens because my “Beautiful Face” now shines through, thanks to choosing colours that suit my natural colour palette.

Being plus-size, I am now more confident than ever, knowing the colours I wear bring out my favourite features; I don’t have so many “blah” days! At a recent wedding I went to, I had chosen a dress with the cololurs of cobalt, pale blue, black & white – these are on the winter palette. Add to that my recently adjusted hair colour, and I felt a million bucks!

Thanks, Amalia for literally opening my eyes – and helping me to see how the colours I wear really can bring out my “Beautiful Face”.
— Jolene
Dear Amalia,

I just wanted to write to you to thank you for challenging, changing and refocusing my clothing wardrobe and my whole approach to colour! I didn’t appreciate the changes you have made in me until I was recently out shopping for an outfit and instead of looking at all the fashion in every store, at a scan of each shop, I was able to quickly identify if they carried clothing in “my” colours, shapes and styles and only try on those outfits. I saved so much time and angst in what would previously have been a very painful and arduous process. I found an outfit in record time (for me) and came away completely happy!

I was really nervous about opening up my cupboards and having you “cleans” my wardrobe, but it was a completely positive eye opening experience!

Learning why I get compliments every time I wear certain outfits, what styles work for my body shape – you were able to combine separate pieces in my wardrobe in combinations that I had never thought of!

Thanks to you, I now have clothing that works in multiple seasons, fits in my colour palate and co-ordinates together – I have never had so many compliments from other people about the clothes I wear.

You are amazing, your make-over styling of me is testament to your knowledge and practical application.
— Sarah
Dear Amalia

You have made a huge difference to my life. Not only do my clothes mix and match but each morning I find that I have choice when preparing to go to work. I no longer go to bed and wonder what will I wear tomorrow or wake up and wonder what will I wear today!

There has been such a change in my clothing style and colours worn, that I have received many comments and have been able to pass onto them that I now have a `stylist`.

On Good Friday after Church I went to a friend’s place after church for morning tea and met someone for the first time. When she met me, she said, oh I have noticed you, you are the one with the nice clothes!

Also two people who I have always thought were very stylish, have commented on my new clothes and said, how much younger I look! My brother even said, have you a new haircut and then he remembered and said – no you have a stylist!
Actually I now feel more confident and Amalia you have given me the confidence to go shopping. Before you `did my colours` I did not like going to the shops at all and spent ages deciding on things and usually came home dejected and not able to make sensible choices.

What I love about going shopping with you, is that you seem to be able to find articles very quickly that I would not even see and then know if they will suit me.
The first time I went shopping with you, I had a budget of $500.00. In just over an hour you helped me choose a summer wardrobe to nearly the exact figure (that also suited my figure!) – starting with a new bra of course.
There are still some items on my `bucket list` and I am enjoying planning ahead with the cooler weather approaching.

I am now reading articles in the newspaper on clothes and styles!
What I have liked too, is that you have helped me buy makeup and jewellery which adds to the overall look and you are able to do this so expertly and quickly and find amazing bargains – and know what one should pay for certain items. I used to think that if it is expensive it must be good – but `it aint necessarily so!

Back to the beginning….

After my colours you then looked at my wardrobe and showed me what should go and what could maybe stay. I must admit that I have not been able to part with certain items (or if the truth be known any items – especially black – which has been my uniform for years.

The whole shopping experience has been so enjoyable and the time races by – I have finally started to understand the term retail therapy – sometimes not even able to enter a large shopping centre. From Myer to Target, from Jacquie E to Wittners, and to shops I had not heard of but that had the perfect items for my age and figure – and dare I say style!
I am definitely wearing all the items – and not one combination has gone unnoticed so I feel happier and more comfortable and outgoing in what I am wearing.
In the past I have even stayed home and not gone to events as I didn’t feel I had anything suitable to wear – but now I have a choice.

I am really looking forward to overhauling my winter wardrobe and going on another shopping spree with you.

I must admit that the sportswear track pants are too long and I have not got around to taking them up – if something fits me straight away I am more inclined to get use out of it.

I have recommended you to others and look forward very much to going shopping again with you.

Thanks ever-so-much
— Lesley