Mix And Match

It is not unusual when I review a wardrobe for one of my clients that there are items which simply cannot be matched with other items. This particular item has usually been a source of frustration for my client as well. It might have been a designer piece or something they really loved in the shop, but they might put it on at home and usually take it off again, instead choosing a trusty old well worn piece. Nothing seems to go with this item. At times, the wardrobe can become cluttered with pieces which just aren’t being worn anymore. Valuable time gets lost trying to sift through items which do not deserve a place.

How amazing would it feel to have a wardrobe where most items could be effortlessly combined and as a result you could look “put together”, on trend and with many different possible combinations.

All this is possible for most people with a little know how.

The crucial yet tremendously underestimated value is in knowing your best personal colours and what styles flatter you, does the trick.  It is actually quite simple. Once you know that pink is actually flattering and orange ages you and makes you look sick, choices become simplified. Once you know that a muted or greyed navy blue looks fantastic on you, you will see how beautifully pink and navy go together as well as look fantastic on you. You will see how the correct hair colour can age you or make you look younger, in addition the correct hair colour will match the pink and navy blue colours. Colours pull a look together. Actually knowing your colours as opposed to having a vague idea or guessing them is the start to a mix and match wardrobe. When you have your colours analysed, you will receive a swatch book with different coloured fabrics which are your best colours. If you chose clothing from this personalized fabric swatch booklet, mixing and matching will be so easy. Then it becomes a decision as to which styles go with what styles.