Why Use a Personal Shopper?

For many women, shopping for clothing is a joy and a very desirable past time, for some, even an addiction. We make fun at times about women’s shopping habits. Women are SUPPOSED to enjoy shopping for clothes. Do you remember the tote from quite a few years ago that said “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping”?

If you are NOT one of those women who effortlessly waltzes around the shops trying on a number of outfits and then easily picks what looks great, do not despair! Most of my clients are either time poor with very busy lives or simply do not enjoy shopping for clothing, which is ok. We have all been blessed with different skills and that is what makes the world so colourful. Who says we have to be good at shopping or make lots of time for it? Why agonise over which shops to visit, what to end up buying what to try on if you can easily get an expert to make all these choices for you?

I don’t colour my own hair, some women do and look great and it’s no big deal for them. I don’t enjoy gardening, most of my plants die. That’s ok, we all are good at different things.

So, if you are one of those shoppers who agonises over shops, clothes and accessories, going shopping with a good personal stylist will be like a breath of fresh air. You can actually relax and maybe even have fun, let someone else do the work for you! You CAN have someone with an eye for what will look fantastic on you, within your budget, preselect items for you and give honest feed back. A good stylist will be independent and take you to stores which will have the perfect items for your unique needs.

So, if you don’t love spending time in the shops or simply do not have the time to go solo shopping and instead you find it all exhausting, confusing, time consuming and frustrating, taking a personal stylist could actually be the perfect solution.

Mix And Match

It is not unusual when I review a wardrobe for one of my clients that there are items which simply cannot be matched with other items. This particular item has usually been a source of frustration for my client as well. It might have been a designer piece or something they really loved in the shop, but they might put it on at home and usually take it off again, instead choosing a trusty old well worn piece. Nothing seems to go with this item. At times, the wardrobe can become cluttered with pieces which just aren’t being worn anymore. Valuable time gets lost trying to sift through items which do not deserve a place.

How amazing would it feel to have a wardrobe where most items could be effortlessly combined and as a result you could look “put together”, on trend and with many different possible combinations.

All this is possible for most people with a little know how.

The crucial yet tremendously underestimated value is in knowing your best personal colours and what styles flatter you, does the trick.  It is actually quite simple. Once you know that pink is actually flattering and orange ages you and makes you look sick, choices become simplified. Once you know that a muted or greyed navy blue looks fantastic on you, you will see how beautifully pink and navy go together as well as look fantastic on you. You will see how the correct hair colour can age you or make you look younger, in addition the correct hair colour will match the pink and navy blue colours. Colours pull a look together. Actually knowing your colours as opposed to having a vague idea or guessing them is the start to a mix and match wardrobe. When you have your colours analysed, you will receive a swatch book with different coloured fabrics which are your best colours. If you chose clothing from this personalized fabric swatch booklet, mixing and matching will be so easy. Then it becomes a decision as to which styles go with what styles.

Do You Wear Fashion, Or Does It Wear You?

May 21, 2018 Admin

The latest trends can often look stunning and enticing on the models on the runway, but if most of us wore those garments in the ‘real’ world, we might feel somewhat ridiculous. So, how does one close this gap of being fashionable yet still relevant and smart looking in the real world? Is it possible to incorporate fashionable garments and accessories into one’s everyday wardrobe looking and feeling pretty good and confident about it? You are not alone, if some doubt creeps in at different stages such as “Am I too old for this” or  “ I don’t have a model’s body, how will it look on me?”  So, how do you make sure that in this world of ever changing fashion, fashion does not wear you but you wear fashion?

For example, red is red hot, so is the off the shoulder look. Knowing which red suits you (blue red or a tomato red) helps eliminate a colour that would look sickly on you, and you could chose a red that makes you look vibrant. If you have shoulders which are wider than your hips, I would recommend steer away from the off the shoulder trend, unless you use your hair or other accessories to break up your neckline. However, if you are an hourglass or wider at the hips, it would definitely be very flattering.

This type of expert advice can really be of immense benefit when assembling your wardrobe staples. Considering your lifestyle, you body as well as your own unique colouring (eyes, skin and hair) is underestimated yet crucially important. Knowing which latest trends to incorporate and which to leave alone is the key to unlocking your own personal look and beauty. A great fashion stylist is trained to carefully evaluate what your unique requirements are and assist in curating  a wardrobe in which you will look and feel amazing. A fashion stylist who is aware of the latest trends can help you select items which will portray you on trend AND  in the best possible light.

You WILL look fashionable and you should expect lots of compliments with the right advice.